Kill it... Kill It! #1 In a world shattered by cataclysmic events, "Kill It... Kill It!" embarks on an electrifying journey with a band of resilient outsiders. Amidst reanimated corpses, lunatics, and unearthed secret societies, the clash of ancient forces from a forgotten era sets the stage for an awe-inspiring battle that will shape the destiny of humanity itself. Brace yourself for an exhilarating saga where survival, redemption, and the ultimate quest for purpose intertwine in a breathtaking struggle for existence.

ErixWorld #1 Featuring short sequences from all three titles, Kill it... Kill it!, Unborn Sawn, and Novon: World in Ruin, this issue provides a glimpse into the whimsical and imaginative stories that define ErixWorld. Through vibrant art styles and playful storytelling, readers can experience the unique flavor of our universe and its boundless possibilities.

Something Silly

Sandra and Abbey Sandra and Abbey Sandra and Abbey Sandra and Abbey Sandra and Abbey Sandra and Abbey Sandra and Abbey


Abbey holding two hand guns Fuzzy creature holding a staff leaping over the Erixworld logo Tentacle Creature A crazy looking kid eating the brains of another crazy person while riding on his shoulder Elvira, Sandra and her Agi leaping into action

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